Shut Down or Restart windows 10:

Proper functioning of a system will remain stable only if the maintenance of the system is being managed and had been taken care regularly. Regular functioning of windows doesn’t let the system goes slow but an ill-manner usage of the system may turns out to be the cause, there are several reasons of causes but an ill-manner usage is termed to be the great cause as keeping the windows active for ‘n’ number of hours will breaks down the system speeds, it will slow down the processor which will eventually effect the working speed of the system and some internal files may get erased or get corrupted due to ill-manner usage.

There are different ways to restart your windows, as here we will be discussing the steps included in different ways with an image tutorial. Our objective is to provide you the needed information without any hurdles and barriers.

Shut-down or Restart window using Start menu:

Windows menu

Here by clicking over the power button you can easily restart, shutdown or sleep down the pc, this is the basic process of Restarting windows. This will automatically close all the applications and turns off the pc and then turn it on again if windows is restarted and turns off all the applications if Shut-down.

Restart or Reboot windows using desktop menu:

Desktop menu

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Here initially you have to right click on the left corner on the windows button , then this desktop menu will appear and then click on the shut down or sign-out there you can easily access the restart/reboot option. Here you can also shutdown the windows by clicking over the shutdown menu , this will terminate all the working application process and close all applications and turn-off the windows.

Shut-Down or Restart/Reboot windows using Alt-F4:


By using the short-cut keys Alt + F4 then you can also close the ongoing process by using this shortcut command and if you are using this command on the desktop then above image will appear and you can choose the option Restart to restart the system.


By scrolling down the menu you can also shut-down the windows , this will terminate all the ongoing applications and turn off the windows.

By using these different ways you can easily restart or reboot your windows 10 , maintaining the efficiency of windows needs proper functioning and for that system needs a proper care. We have provided you number of ways to access the system and maintain its efficiency by proper turning-off all the applications after use. This is a way to keep your windows away from error files and don’t let the ROM files and software get corrupted.


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