The Three Phases of Trauma or Suffering

The seventy eight cards of the Tarot deck correspond and cumulate all the experiences any human soul goes through in one lifetime. Emotions like: love, pain, suffering and happiness are universal and generic. What someone felt eons ago is the same that we would experience as of today. When it comes to emotions and matters of the heart; to put it bluntly, we as human beings are the same. All people, no matter the culture, class, creed or color, inherently want to secure a happy ending.

Some cards imply that even after we secure a happy ending we will face tribulations. These negative emotions and sufferings will last until the end of our physical existence. หลุดมือถือ But in truth these negative emotions and sufferings only come from the human soul’s perspective. In truth we are the only ones who can shed light on our own existence.

We as an individual exist because our souls wanted to experience living on the other side of the globe from the minute we crawled out of our mother’s womb into the world. Our souls have been exploring the various experiences we can have in one lifetime. Once we realizing we are souls who can walk on water and also ascend to heaven we wanted to know what it’s all about. So much so, that we started sending our “soul kids” out into the world to see what would happen. Who would be the most grouchy about it?

These soul kids are emissaries of God, sent out on assignment by the Divine to help us know ourselves better. ดูหนังชนโรง The journey from egg to finance, starting when we were born, is a continuous journey of discoveries. These soul kids, or emanations as they are sometimes called, have the ability to travel back into the past and see how things have been for those who have gone before and then make choices on what they are going to do about it.

This is an assignment we give ourselves when we are born. Whatever the reason we are on this earth, we are given reasons for our existence on earth. It is not until we grow into adults that we start thinking, “well, xxx ฝรั่ง this is the way it is; I am going to live this whole life the way I want.” The adults that live that way still have the inquisitive nature of the little kids. Within certain religious beliefs, that is where the manifestation of a spirit guide comes in.

We all, no matter what we are trying to accomplish in life, have a spirit guide. No one has the ability to dismiss the little voice inside that guides us. We all, no matter what we are doing have Spirit Guides around us. ดูหนังฟรี We are all capable of turning our backs on our physical needs and simultaneously have the need to know more about ourselves. No one is perfect in all of their actions. The Higher Powers are after our faults because they know that if we realize our gap and are humble, we will cry within ourselves and illuminate the path in which we are traveling. The result will be our visualization of the life we want and the prayers for its fulfillment.

So many people are searching for happiness. They think that if they can make so many money and have so many things, happiness will be the ultimate reward. People gauge their happiness according to the amount of money they have, their total health, friends, love, or their material possessions. Happiness is not in things or material blessings, happiness is in treating others as you would like to be treated, and loving unconditionally. If you want to be happy consider your actions and make the effort to treat others as you would like to be treated. You can make the effort even when things and material things are going wrong for you. The effort is not in how much abundance or happiness you have, but in the way you choose to utilize those things positively and in doing so exudes happiness.

Consider the energy and power you are creating each second. Strive to equate your thoughts with physical manifestations. Stop and focus on what you want to create, and how you want to create it. คลิปหลุด18+ Be in a state of constant thought and belief. The more positive your thoughts, the more your reality will be one of fulfillment, comfort and gratification.

If you wish to know who you are in relation to the Divine, you need only look at your thoughts. The eternal essence of which you are, resides in the recesses of your inner being. All you need do is allow your mind to explore the vast expanse of your being and you will become the person you have always dreamed of. Decide now to get in touch with the joy you are and the compassion you possess, you will never turn back.