Understanding Weight Loss, Metabolism, and Diet

What is the relationship between weight loss and metabolism? If two people with the same height, weight, gender and activity level head to the gym together, there must be a difference in the number of calories they burn in each activity. หวยออนไลน์ One can be much healthier than the other. One person could just be “thin” and the other could be obese, but if their metabolism is different, they burn different numbers of calories, even if they seem to have the same activity level or weight.

Here are some simple ways to find out where you fit in the weight loss or metabolism cheese wheel.

measures your height and weight

Because muscles are more metabolically active than fat, a person who has more muscle mass will burn more calories.

Also, by their sheer size and weight, people are thought to burn more calories than smaller people, leading to the idea that obese people probably have more body mass than most people, even though most people burn fewer calories than obese people do in the exact same activity.

(Although, you may have noticed, the people in the insulin resistance study who weighed more did not eat more. คลิปตั้งกล้อง This was scientists, not me, but an observation. More on obesity elsewhere.)

itting activity and metabolic rate

There are two ways to answer this question that will help you get on the road to weight loss and kick-starting your metabolism to start burning off that excess belly fat.

The first is to measure your activity level. Do you find that you stay in your old comfortable exercise dutyype? If so, it might be a good idea to start reaching a gym and asking a personal trainer to help you get up and exercising. If you go the gym by yourself, keep an eye on the instructor’s weight that day and start jogging on your own if you think that is too difficult. Once you get into it, exercise will feel great and work wonders for your metabolism.

The second way to measuring your activity level is to keep track of your heart rate while you exercise. A simple way to do this is to time yourself and keep a reasonably accurate time of how long you are working out. You should be having a relatively high heart rate (ideally 55-65% of your max) while you exercise. คลิปดัง You can use the Karvonen formula:

220 minus your age is the maximum heart rate to allow your body to burn the most calories

220 x.55 is your average absolute heart rate. Maximum = 220 – 65% = 130

220 x.65 is your low absolute heart rate. Maximum = 220 – 55% = 115

220 x.75 is your high absolute heart rate. Maximum = 220 – 65% = 130

220 x.95 is your maximum absolute pulse. Maximum = 220- 85% = 105

220 x.65 is your low absolute pulse. Maximum = 220 – 55% = 114

220 x.75 is your high absolute pulse. Maximum = 220 – 65% = 109

220 X.95 is your average absolute pulse. Maximum = 220 – 75% = 105

Now, keep track of your heart rate for one day, and average it. You should be losing about one pound for every 100 heart rate beats you get up.

Why not get a pedometer (if you don’t have one, the info is on them), and make fancy time you article some high intensity days, or low intensity days, if you like it.

Now on to the diet part of this equation in the weight loss and the metabolism wheel.

Diets are pretty tough for most people, so it’s a good idea to ease into them. If you can afford it, a good diet book would be a good investment to get you on the track to losing weight. ครางดัง Three simple ways of eating fewer calories is by eating less processed carbohydrates, whole fat dairy and meat, and more fruits and your vegetables.

The foods that are processed and whole are things like a banana, an apple and an orange, instead of chips, fries and a burger. These are foods packed with good nutrition and they are balanced. สล็อตเกม Cutting fat out of your diet completely is not a good idea, so be cautious about it, but reducing the high fat dairy and meat products will help you lose weight and get healthy. Those that got the least processed of the foods are the most nutritious.